Lovely and beautiful packaging for Festive Hampers and rather good value for money.

Sue Marican, Malaysia

Seeds of Inspiration

Jeffri LimJeffri Lim, a pharmacist by profession, the founder of Sunflower Paper Passion & Things is a man with a thing for people; especially couples who are taking steps into the future together in marriage. The best thing about being in the wedding business is the privilege of walking down that same path with them and being a part of that special moment in time.

Jeffri LimHe travels around the world while attached to Fortune 500 company American Cyanamid has helped him see the world through extraordinary eyes. Every day elements from different cultures & places find their way into Jeff's design sketches and inspires the Sunflower team to ensure that every single item in the Sunflower line is a work of art. Each invite & wedding favor is crafted with care to help couples create an unforgettable experience on their special day.

Blessed with vision, Jeff believes very much in out-of-the-box thinking; challenging many fixed ideas in the design of wedding cards & favors. His daring ideas & persistence has paid off and today, Sunflower Paper & Passion is the premiere supplier of wedding-related products in Malaysia. Not bad for a small town boy in the big city eh?

Always the risk-taker, Jeff aims to make Sunflower a global brand with trendy & vibrant designs that transcends race, culture & religion. Jeff loves what he does and it comes from the heart; causing him to dream big dreams and seeing them through to reality.

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