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Before the big day...

A Chinese bride traditionally goes into seclusion with her closest friends. This Chinese custom gives the bride-to-be some time to symbolically mourn the loss of her friends and family.

Some time before the couples are married, the groom's family carries wedding gifts in red baskets and boxes to the bride's house. One of the baskets will contain 'milk money'. Others will contain personal things for the bride, so that on her wedding day all of her personal belongings will be in the groom's house.

The bride takes the gifts to another room where they are sorted through. Three days before the wedding day, women from the bride's family reciprocate, bearing gifts - including some 'returns'. - in red wrappings to the groom's family.

Matrimonial Traditions

Panda Kaal Muhurtham
A small ritual is performed one day before the wedding to invoke the blessings of the family deity to ensure that the wedding preparations proceed smoothly. The family of the bride and the groom pray to the deity who is symbolically represented by a bamboo pole.

Receiving The Groom
When the groom and his family arrive at the wedding hall on the morning one day before the wedding, they are welcomed with a tray containing offerings of flowers, paan supari, fruits and mishri. Rose water is sprinkled on the groom. The bride's brother applies a tilak of sandalwood paste and kumkum on his forehead and garlands him. The bride's mother offers the groom's parent's a sweet dish prepared from condensed milk. A senior female member of the bride's family performs aarti and welcomes them. It is also customary to break a coconut to the ground as this is believed to help ward off evil spirits.

Vratham is performed a day before the wedding by the family of the bride as well as that of the groom. They recite Vedic hymns in the presence f a priest (Vaadyar) and seek the blessings of a family deity. They also invoke the blessings of all their ancestors and pray for their intervention in removing those obstacles that threaten to disrupt the wedding proceedings.


Guests are invited to partake in a meal on a Sunday. The wedding preparation is often based on the gotong-royong (co-operation) among friends and relatives for which the Malays are well known. The wedding takes place, in most cases, in the house of the bride. Guests are presented with a bunga telur each. Literally, this means 'flower and egg'.

Earlier, the gifts were eggs, dyed red, placed in a cup or container with some glutinous rice at the base. Sometimes, a paper flower is added to decorate the gift. The egg symbolises a fertile union and the hope that the marriage will produce many children.

The arrival of the groom is heralded by the hadrah troupe. This group, mostly comprising teenagers, will beat the kompang (hand drums) and sing Quranic verses and good wishes. The groom is often flanked by bunga manggar (palm blossoms) carriers and a busload of relatives and friends.

The mak andam (beautician) as well as members of the bride's family waylay the groom and ask for 'entrance fee'. Only when they are satisfied with the amount would they allow the groom to see his bride.

After successfully overcoming the 'obstacles', the ceremony takes place. The ceremony encompasses a lot of the age-old Malay traditions, too many to elaborate on, but quite akin to the Hindu rituals in certain aspects. The final ceremony is one where relatives sprinkle petals and rice (fertility symbols) on the couple seated on the 'throne'.

How many of us have sent a 'Thank You' note after our wedding? Show your gratitude for gift givers by sending out thank you cards. It's a great way to show your appreciation for the gift they gave as well as the thoughtfulness of their generosity. Whether you receive gifts for a wedding, shower, or birthday, all gifts and acts of kindness should be reciprocated with a thank you card.

The art of sending Thank You notes

1. Thank you cards should be handwritten. While this may require extra time, it is more polite to personalize your note with your own handwriting rather than having it printed. Your recipients will appreciate the time you took to write them out.

2. Don't forget to send thank you cards to the people who helped you plan your event. For weddings, this can include your bridesmaids or groomsmen, your parents and your pastor. For birthday parties, send them to those who cooked the food, helped set up the tables, cleaned out the backyard, and anyone who was instrumental in helping your event run smoothly.

3. Send thank you cards for all gifts, even if the gift is something you don't particularly care for or don't know what to do with. Remember, you are thanking them for their thoughtfulness, not just the gift.

4. Treat monetary gifts the same you would your other gifts by sending thank you cards for them as well. Don't mention the amount in your note, but you can say what you intend to use it for. Your intentions should relate to the event. Send thank you notes earlier than later-within a week after the event is appropriate. For a wedding, two weeks after you return from your honeymoon is a good time. If you receive a gift in the mail prior to the event, send a thank you card immediately so as not to increase the gap between the time the gift was sent to the time the gift-giver receives the note.

5. If someone sends you multiple gifts for different events, regardless of how close in time those events may be, send that person a card for each gift. For instance, a friend may give you a gift for your wedding shower as well as another gift for your wedding a month later. Send a separate card addressing each gift, even if they're both addressed to her.

  1. Personalise the note by hand writing and stamping it.
  2. Open with your reaction to the specific gift or its impact.
  3. Write: " I can't tell you how delighted we were to receive the dinner set ", Don't write: " Thank you for your kind gift."
  4. Compliment the thoughtfulness of the giver.
  5. Keep thank-you notes short. Two, three or four sentences are fine and double-check neatness, spelling, and grammar.Allow no scribbling out.
  6. Even if you did not like the gift, you still thank the giver forhis/her thoughtfulness and consideration.
  7. Do take care to use the correct spelling and gender of the receiver."Dear Kim Lewis" is good if you don't know gender or whether to use first names, "Dear Kim," or "Dear Ms. /Mr. Lewis."
  8. Thank you guest for sharing your special event with you.
  9. Thank her/him for the gift and describe it with glowing terms and also an identifying detail (cheerful yellow bath towels, exquisite crystal vase).
  10. Tell your guest how you plan to use her gift and that you'll think of her/him wherever you use it.
  11. Don't sign off too formally (avoid " sincerely"). Use words like "with thanks." "much love," "warmly," or "yours."
  12. If you receive a gift from a group of people send a combined note of thanks to them, and try to thank each individual personally.
  1. Do not pre-print the content of Thank-you notes - ever.
  2. Do not write "Thank-you for the..." as the first sentence. The actual words, "Thank-you" are better deeper in the note or as the last sentence.
  3. Do not say, "Thank-you" more than once in the note. As you receive gifts keep a record of from whom it was from and whether or not you have sent a thank-you note.

Look at your guest list and calculate how many gifts you need you will need:
  1. Determine how much of your budget you are willing to allocate to these guest gifts.
  2. Search for gifts ideas from craft shops, bridal stores or at bridal fairs. Your wedding stationer may be able to make them.
  3. Decide if you are going to buy ready-made gifts or make your own.
  4. Shop around and compare prices before you pay anyone. Ask for written quotes outlining all the costs involved including delivery.

  1. If you are making your own gifts, buy supplies you need. Set aside time to put them together in the coming months. Weekends are good as you can enlist the help of friends. If your gifts are edible or perishable (eg cakes or chocolates) pick a time that is closer to the wedding.

  1. Call your gifts supplier to confirm the order. Be sure to go over the date, time place of delivery. Pay outstanding costs.
  2. If your gifts are homemade, make sure they are finished so you're not stressed out in the week before the wedding.

  1. Organise for the reception manager, co-ordinator or a friend to arrange gifts on tables, or in baskets by the door for guests to take home.

Valentine's Day is just over. So did your guys get down on one knee? Or alternatively, will you? Everyone knows that a man traditionally offers a woman as engagement ring as a promissory gesture during the proposal. But if a woman is proposing to her man, substitute a similar sentimental token or piece of jewellery for " the ring" in all of these ideas.

A great proposal should be memorable. You want to feel good whenever you remember it - and be able to tell the story to your children and grandchildren.

Knot Note
Have your proposal painted on a billboard en route to his or her office?

In the biggest letters space will allow, spell out, "Will you Marry Me?" Park beneath it or await their arrival at work, armed with champagne ready for toasting.

Make a list of ten reasons you'd like to marry your beloved
Read them to him or her in front of a crowd, have a singing telegram deliver them, or send them written on note cards one by one over the course of a day (or ten!), with the last card arriving via personal messenger (you!).

We had to add this one: Create a Web page declaring your love and intentions
Leave your sweetie a clue with the Web address written on it - don't say a word. After the proposal has been officially accepted (which of course it will be!), he or she can proudly send the page to friends and family.

Want to really surprise your sweetheart?

Cut out the bottom of a big box, wrap it with pretty paper and ribbon, and attach a card that says, "What's inside the box is a gift to last a lifetime." "Deliver" yourself to his or her office or front door.

Is sweetie a deep sleeper?
Slip the ring on his or her finger while they're dozing and wake them with champagne and strawberries. The gesture will just seem romantic - until they discover a new piece of jewellery adorns them!

Surprise your honey with an intricate gift basket.
Pile in yummy delicacies - the best chocolate, caviar, coffee - but don't limit yourself to food. You could also include silk slippers, a book or CD. Hide the ring among all these wonderful presents (in its box, so it doesn't get lost in the goodies).

If you're dining in a fancy restaurant, ask the wait staff to write, "Will you marry me?" in chocolate sauce around the rim of his or her dessert plate.

Gather your families together for a summer barbecue and make your proposal a family affair.

Flying High

Hire a Hot Air Balloon to fly a banner with your " Marry me (insert name here)" message written on it and propose her high in the sky - a quick escape - without traffic jams and the rush of the city.

Flower Power

Flower always charm people
What else exists solely to look beautiful? ( Except your fiancÈ, of course!) String the ring on a ribbon and use it to tie a bouquet of wonderful flowers (daffodils, tulips, lilies, or whatever reminds you of him or her) together.

Good Luck!

Many services boast about having a wedding planner when all they are really offering is someone on site to announce and direct elements of a wedding reception, help with the floral or menu selection, supervise the food service or assist at the wedding ceremony. What about the planning and obtaining the necessary elements of the entire wedding? Some vendors even claim to provide the bride with a list of photographers, florists, etc. Is this vendor really trained to know the budgetary needs and the bride's personal taste? In addition to those very absent elements in vendor choice, the vendor has not been scrutinized and qualified by a bridal consultant that really has the bride's interest in mind.

The perfect wedding planner interviews the bride and groom thoroughly to acquire a personal connection to their vision and personal taste for their wedding. Is a professional who has been trained to see to the every need of the bride and groom from the planning process to the last dance.

The perfect wedding planner will offer vendor choices to the bride based on that information and will set up and attend interviews along with the bride.

The perfect wedding planner will scrutinize contract offers and advise the bride so that she is able to make an informed decision.

The perfect wedding planner will be in touch with the bride and the vendors throughout the planning process and then will be there to oversee the delivery of the contracted services. Do whatever it takes to make sure the event runs smoothly, whether that means mopping the floor to keep the musicians from being electrocuted in a downpour or climbing under and over a deck to provide additional electrical service to a band whose equipment is blowing fuses during the reception.

The perfect wedding planner knows that it is not all flowers and romance and will not be unable to deal with details that are necessary to create the bride's vision. Becomes the right hand of the bride throughout the entire engagement period. Today's bride is busier with continuing education, highly demanding professions and more often than not, a remote family.

Let's face it... although planning a wedding is surely one of the most romantic and exciting times in a woman's life, it can also be very stressful and time consuming. Many newly engaged women of today are busy working and/or going to school, without a lot of time to spend fussing over details and searching for wedding services. Time after time when I meet a young woman and tell her that I am professional Wedding Consultant, I hear, "Wow... I wish I'd known about you when I got married".

Why is this? Well, it seems that all of the responsibility of planning the wedding falls on the bride and the bride's mother (usually) to come up with all of the details that come together (hopefully) to make a perfect day. They will sometimes have to depend on friends' and family's' recommendations for finding just the right wedding service professionals such as reception venues photographers and entertainment, and other times they will have to rely on yellow page hunting and internet shopping.

The problem of relying on family and friend's recommendations is that everyone does not have the same taste or style envisioned for their weddings. What was just the right photographer for Aunt May and Uncle Max wedding could be your worst nightmare if there is a personality or style conflict between you and the photographer.

Tick the items you would like to receive. Don't worry if you think an item may be too expensive... some of your guests and family will get together to purchase the larger items. If you are using a gift register, photocopy this list and take it to the store to make sure you select everything you need.

alarm clock / radio, bed, bedside lamps, bedside tables, bedspread / quilt, blankets, continental quilt / cover, electric blanket, pillows, sheets & pillowcases

answering machine, camera, cd player, personal computer, stereo, television, video, video camera

clocks, coffee tables, dining table & chairs, kitchen table & chairs, lamps, lounge suite, outdoor furniture, paintings & prints, rugs

sewing machine, picnic basket, garden tools, luggage, plants, lawn mower, dustpan & brush, bins, broom, heater, electric fan, vacuum cleaner, barbecue equipment

bath towels, bathmat, bathroom scales, brooms & mops, clothes dryer, first aid kit, hair dryer, hand towels, iron, ironing board, linen basket, mirror, shower curtain, soap diah, tissue holder, toilet roll holder, toothbrush holder, towel racks, washcloths, washing machine, water jug / dish

aprons, baking tins, beer glasses, blender, brandy balloons, bread & butter knives, bread & butter plates, bread bin, bread board, butter dish, butter knife, cake knife, can opener, candelabra, canisters, carafe, carving set, cereal bowls, champagne flutes, cheese board, chopping board, cocktail shaker, coffee cups & saucers, coffee grinder, coffee maker, coffee pot, coffee spoons, colander, cookbooks, corkscrew, covered casserole, cream jug, crock pot, crockery, cruet set, cutlery, decanters, dessert plates, dessert spoon & forks, dinner knives & forks, dinner plates, dishcloths, dishwasher, ducth oven, egg cups, electric frypan, food processor, freezer, fruit bowl, garlic press, glassware, grater, gravy ladle, ice bucket & tongs, jingger, juice extractor, kettle, kitchen scales, kitchen towels, measuring jugs, microwave oven, mixer & mixing bowls, oven mitts, ovenware, placemats & coasters, platters, port/liqueur glasses, pot holders, pressure cooker, refrigerator

rolling pin, salad bowls, salt & pepper mills, sandwich maker, saucepans, serving dishes, serving spoons, souffle dish, soup bowls, soup spoon, spice rack, steak knives, sugar bowl, sugar spoons, table napkins, table spoons, tablecloths, tea pot, tea spoons, tea towels, toaster, tumblers, vases, vegetable peeler, waffle maker, water jug, whisky glasses, wine glasses, wok

Who Pays for What?

Write the amount you have budgeted next to each task and who will be paying for that item (eg. bride, groom, bride's family, bridesmaids, groomsmen etc). Print this page and give a copy to everyone will be contributing to the wedding expenses.

US$ engagement ring(s), US$ wedding band(s), US$ insurance

US$ food, US$ beverages, US$ music, US$ flowers, US$ decorations, US$ extra - cake boxes, chocolates, bomboniere, Doves, guest book, speech writer fees, etc

US$ church, mosque, temple fees, US$ civil marriage celebrant fees, US$ outdoor ceremony venue fees, US$ registry office fees, US$ music, US$ flowers, US$ decorations, US$ extra - ring cushion, ceremony booklets, dove or butterfly releases, etc

US$ pre-wedding facials, beauty and hair treatment, US$ make-up for the bride, US$ makeup for the bridesmaids, flowergirls, US$ hair styling for the bride, US$ hair styling for the bridesmaids, flowergirls, US$ manicures, US$ spa and relaxation treatments

US$ bride, US$ groom, US$ child attendants, US$ bridesmaids, US$ groomsmen, US$ master of ceremonies, US$ ushers

US$ engagement portrait, US$ glamour potrait, US$ wedding photograpy

US$ food, US$ beverages, US$ marquee hire, US$ equipment hire, US$ music, US$ decorations, US$ additional

US$ coverage, US$ extra copies (for friends and relatives)

US$ suits and accessories, US$ shoes, US$ boutonieres

US$ grown, US$ veil and headpiece, US$ bouquet, US$ lingerie, US$ shoes, US$ jewellery, US$ accessories (garter, gloves, stockings etc), US$ going away outfit, US$ preserving and farming of the bridal bouquet, US$ dry cleaning of the bridal gown

US$ dresses, US$ hair accessories and jewellery, US$ bouquets, US$ shoes

US$ flowergirl - dresses, flower, accessories US$ pageboys - suits, boutonnieres, accessories

US$ corsages and boutonnieres




US$ bride and groom,US$ guests

US$ bride's trousseau, US$ passports / visas, US$ airline tickets, US$ car hire, US$ accommodation, US$ food and beverages, US$ spending money, US$ insurance, US$ other



US$, US$, US$

Just as your invitations launch a wedding celebration, bomboniere conclude the event. The small favours are a perfect parting momento for guest to cherish, offered in appreciation of their presence and support.

With so much attention centred you and your partner throughout the wedding, bomboniere are one aspect of the celebration where your guests are the focus of your plans. Selection a favours can take some time but guests will cherish your choice for years to come, so make the effort to find that perfect present.

Sunflower Paper Passion & Things aims to bring the fun back into shopping for bomboniere, offering fresh, exciting ideas for modern brides. The innovative range provides the perfect finishing touch for a truly memorable wedding celebration.

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