Our guests were thrilled to receive our salt & pepper figurines. Looks chic and useful. We were spoilt for choices. Value for money certainly!

Franscine Polue, Cologne, France

Green Program


Partnership ProgramNot only can recycling help the enviroment, but we can all benefit from recycling things from around the house, at work and during our leisure time

We collect used greeting cards and recycle them for distribition to the orphanages, old folk homes and other deserving homes. These cards can be reused or repaired. Inmates of these homes are taught different ways to turn discarded greeting cards into useful items such as gift boxes, fans, bookmarks, decorative items with the help of volunteers or NGOs. These products will then be sold to the public to raise funds for the homes. Our recycle projects are prominently featured in National Newspapers and National Television - RTM 2 On Track. Through such efforts we are able to educate and create awarenes among the public on recycling, and the conservation of the environment.

Green program

Recycling in a responsibility for all

You can do your part to make this project a major success and at the same time bring a little cheer to the poor and unfortunate. Send us your used greeting cards or if you have more then 200 cards, call (603) - 6140 3262 for collection / pick up

Recycling makes a real difference in protecting our Enviroment

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