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WH & Sons Ltd, U.K


Social responsibility ...caring for the sick and unfortunate

Visiting the kidney patients during their dialysis sessions

In line with our philosophy to strike a balance between our economic, social and environment responsibilities, The Sunflower foundation is firmly committed to charitable / social work involving improving the quality of life for the poor, sick, aged, underprivileged youth and the less fortunate. We support and work closely with the various youth organizations / non government organizations (NGO) to provide assistance in projects that includes fund raising, education, social activities / engagements, etc.

• National Kidney Foundation (Subsidies for dialysis treatment for the poor)
• Lions Club International (Fund raising & Paper Recycling project)
• Kiwanis Down Syndrome Centre (Funding activity)
• The Dyslexia Association of Malaysia (Greeting Card Project)
• Chinese Independant Schools Fund Raising Project (Greeting Cards)
• Charity Greeting Cards Project for National Kidney Foundation (Fund Raising Project)
• Church Youth Retreat for Reconfirmation Class (Greeting Cards Sales)


We work with Youth organizations especially in schools as we believe in helping to churn out the future generation of Malaysians that are caring, responsible, and self reliant. The Charity Card Project is one of the many projects undertaken in partnership with the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) to raise funds for dialysis treament subsidies for poor kidney failure patients. Patients only pay RM51.00 per dialysis treatment compared to the private sector, where charges can range from RM150 to RM250 per dialysis treatment. Annually, NKF needs to source over RM5 million on dialysis treatment subsidies.

For more information: email : jl@sunflower.com.my    Tel : + 603-6140 3262

You can also have your contributions donated to your favorite Charity other than NKF

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